October 6, 2004

a bit different bitter melon fried rice

Monday, October 4

Here's another Japanese-influenced dish to post: goya fried rice. I still had some bitter melon since when I made goya champuru last time (don't bother to remind me that it was quite a while ago, I knew it myself...), and wanted to use them for something other than goya champuru, so I made fried rice.

The bag of bitter melon I bought this time included a funky one with a bright red color inside, cotton-like part surrounding the seeds (place the mouse over the image above to see the inside). It was a bit of shock when I cut it open as I had never seen bitter melon like that, but I used it anyways - I'd discard all the seeds and cotton, so it shouldn't matter (and I later learned from my mom that seeds become redder as the fruit ripens on the tree - little did I know!).

I sliced the bitter melon into thin, small stripes and rubbed them with salt, left them for a while, and rinsed under running water to reduce their excessive bitterness (they will still be bitter, though).

Then I fried the bitter melon with other vegetable including onion, carrot, spring onion, mushroom, ginger, and shiso, and a hotdog sausage - basically anything I saw left in the fridge, and that is what the fried rice is for: to use up small leftovers. As far as I am concerned.

Seasoned with a dash of soy sauce and a pinch of salt as well as a generous dose of freshly ground black pepper, the fried rice was good enough for a dish consisting solely of leftovers. This isn't a classic Japanese fried rice, but it was fine, and made me miss the perfect fried rice that my mom would make back home.


Santos said...

hey chika

i love bittermelon. i love bitter food, full stop (if it's meant to be, anyway). thanks for another recipe i can use with it!

Reid said...

Hi Chika,

I haven't had goya champuru in a long time. Actually, I haven't had it since my grandmother passed away 11 years ago. She and I were the only ones in the family that liked bitter melon. That said, this fried rice looks good and the combination of flavors sound wonderful. I'm going to try this!

chika said...


Santos - I like bitter melon, too. They really are bitter, but that is the best part of them, isn't it?

Reid - yeah, it might be about time to have goya back in your kitchen! They were pretty small over here, so maybe you could try and buy a small one and make goya champuru/fried rice for yourself when you are having lunch just by yourself?

Anonymous said...

Now you got me interested in what your mom's fried rice is like! XD


Anonymous said...

Red seeds just mean the bitter
melons have started to ripen.
It's not bad sign at all.
Ripe melons will be less bitter, too.