October 22, 2004

gone home with cake

Monday, October 18

Her much-too-short 5-day stay in Hawaii had passed quickly and my sister was about to leave now in the Monday morning. Last night while she was endeavoring to pack the impossibly bulky souvenirs of Hawaii into her Rimowa, I did a last-minute baking and made chestnut pound cake. Yes, chestnuts again, but this year I got a LOT of chesnut products (paste and sweetened chesnuts) and was ready to use them away during the autumn.

I used the recipe from the same resource as the mont blanc I made just the other day. In fact, I used the same central ingredients - the same sweetened chestnut paste, sweetened Italian chestnuts, and French rum.

It was a basic pound cake recipe plus an added chestnut paste (optional, but how could I have skipped that part?). Probably because of the rather low baking temperature (325F), my two mini loaves came out looking relatively pale (or was it so just that I tend to bake things too long and burn them in all other cases?), so did the inside of the cake.

The cake was very soft and moist, thanks to the chestnut paste. However, there wasn't so much of chestnut taste, considering the amount used (the same as all other main ingredients in weight). I also felt that I could have used more chestnuts dice, too.

Even so, it was still more than decent and tasted good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and an additional chestnut on top. I had my sister take one loaf home with her, who kindly did so and put it in one of her already full bags (she made it all packed, to my astonishment). I had my slice of the pound cake at home, alone, thinking how time indeed flies, specially when having fun.


obachan said...

So glad to see you enjoying chestnuts so much over there ;)

Reid said...

Hi Chika,

Looks delicious. Isn't it hard to find many of these Japanese foods here in Hawaii? You're so lucky to have a connection with Japan.

chika said...

Hi there,

obachan - thanks, I have learned lessons from my experience last year when I couldn't have chestnuts much while you folks were enjoying the bounty! One thing I can't have, though, is kuri-gohan... I just can't bother to shell and peel raw chestnuts myself (I don't see peeled chestnuts over here and I haven't even checked if there are Korean raw chestnuts available in stores yet...)

Reid - you know what, Hawaii's got to be one of the places with the widest choice of Japanese stuff available, among anywhere outside of Japan... but I know what you mean, if you try to find GOOD stuff it's really hard. Connections, connections, I have a bunch of them and I think I am really lucky!