October 9, 2004

a shortcut or roundabout?

Thursday, October 7

Being busy with some rush job and feeling particularly lazy about making dinner, today I made a potato omelette, using some potatoes lazily piling up in the corner of the pantry, eggs that I had too much in the fridge, and bell peppers that I had bought a while ago and neglected.

You know what, I don't cook eggs plain much, really. It's not that I don't like eggs, but I just don't make things like fried or scrambled or boiled or poached eggs, or omelette. Even today, it wasn't really like that I was "feeling like it" but I just didn't have any other idea for a quick dinner.

I had Tortilla de patatas, or so-called Spanish omelette in my mind, but couldn't even bother to start looking for recipes, so I just whipped something up. I peeled and sliced the potatoes into strips, and cooked them in water for a few minutes. Then I sauted the potato strips with thinly-sliced onions and sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, and put them and sliced tomatoes in the mixture of eggs, cream, and grated pecorino cheese. I wanted to make a nice, round-shaped omelette, but I don't have a omelette pan of good size, so I did this: cooking the egg mixture in a round pot just to shape it into a round, microwaved the omelette to cook eggs thoroughly, then topped it with sliced bell peppers along with herb-infused olive oil and put it in a toaster oven to brown the top a bit.

Now think about it, it would have taken me lesser time in working in the kitchen if I had done this whole cooking thing in the oven, but I didn't even feel like turning on the oven. Well the omelette was ready relatively quick, and tasted good, and looked pretty thanks to a melange of red, yellow, and orange bell peppers.

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