November 30, 2004

Boulder, there I was

I really was in Boulder for Thanksgiving holidays, but it is not that I just got back; it has been a week since we came back in Hawaii. I am also fully aware that it is not November anymore but already well into the second week of December, but I still post this as a November entry, as these are what I had at the end of November...

It was a(nother) eventful stay in Boulder. I had two Thanksgiving dinners, watched a Nutcracker ballet, took some walks, did some shopping, saw the heaviest snow I had ever seen in November, did a sleigh ride, and met a lot of families and friends, most of them for the first time since my last stay in Colorado in this past June, and few of them for the first time in my lifetime, all of them were very kind and warm-hearted, funny, and lovely people.

One of the most memorable things I had was going up in the mountains to look at the night view of Boulder just by the "star".

Every year at this time, the star has been shining over the city of Boulder up from on a hillside of Flagstaff Mountain (here is its story). And we went up to the star on the very day it was lit, the first day of the season, in the night following Thanksgiving Day.

It was also a full-moon that day, and up on the mountains it was almost supernaturally bright for a midnight, with the full moon light up in the sky and the bright light bulbs just above us.

The view from right in the middle of the star was nothing but a spectacular. I almost felt as if I could have been able to see infinite distance. It was so bright and the air was so clear (and cold, for sure).

Then it started snowing the following Saturday, and it still was on the next day when we were leaving Colorado for Hawaii. It was definitely the most snow I had ever seen in November.

And the next day we got home was his birthday. Although his families and relatives gave him two birthday dinners while we were in Colorado, on his real birthday there were just two of us, with him having his own stuff to take care of and me being overloaded with work. While I could not take too much time to fix something fancy for the birthday boy, I managed to make something he likes: pasta and chocolate cake.

For the pasta part I made a baked pasta casserole consisting of layers of rigatoni, thick tomato sauce, basil pesto, ricotta cheese with parmigiano cheese on top. It was a bit like lasagna, just with rigatoni. He seemed to like it a lot.

For the dessert, I made chocolate pots, using a recipe I found in inside of package of creme fraiche (also available online: here). It really is a recipe for chocolate tart, but I couldn't bother to bake a tart shell on that day, so I made the filling only.

It wasn't until I was preparing these tartless chocolate tarts when I noticed that these would be quite dark and bitter filling; and it is not really to his taste (he likes sweeter kinds a lot better). I was going to make something hi likes, and look what I have done! But it was too late, and I made and served them anyways, to find him being kind enough to give me compliments, but did not forget to request sweeter and creamier ones for the next time.

I still owe him a real birthday cake, I reckon.


Santos said...

hey chika

welcome back! sounds like you had a lovely holiday. i remember hiking up flagstaff mountain--wish i did it on a winter's night instead of a stinking hot summer's day :-) looks gorgeous.

three birthday cakes? lucky him!

Reid said...

Hi Chika,

Welcome home! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. By the way, the chocolate pot looks wonderful and I'm sure it was delicious as I don't like my chocolate desserts too sweet. =)

chika said...

Thanks for your warm words, Santos & Reid!

Santos - yeah I know what you mean, last time I was in Boulder it was really hot... I had been up by the Star once right before sunset, but it was still a pretty view over the town, right?

Reid - me too, I LOVE my chocolate cakes dark and rich, not too sweet... (I do like milk chocolates and creamier truffles, but somehow, chocolate cakes should be bitter, in my opinion) :P

obachan said...

You are so good at taking photos of night views! Welcome back :)

chika said...

obachan - thanks! I was lucky that night, I had a lot of light enough to take a decent shot! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo could you post the recipe please? It's gone from the page :(
Looks so delicious!