November 12, 2004

the greener the better...

Tuesday, November 9

Life has been pretty hectic as of late and I haven't gotten much time to devote to cooking. This risotto must be only thing that I have really cooked for this whole week, which is a shame, but the risotto itself was delicious.

Several weeks back one of my fellow Japanese bloggers living in Italy posted about risotto with spinach and mozzarella cheese, and ever since I had been meaning to try it myself using argula. I sauted chopped onion and arborio rice in a pot, cooked it with white wine and water, and when it was just about to be done I grated pecorino romano cheese over the risotto and added finely chopped fresh (uncooked) argula. Mozzarella cheese went in at the very last moment in small dice, so as not to make too much mess with melted cheese.

At the first bite I thought I had used way too much argula; the risotto had a pretty pungent taste. Trying to do something with this, I threw in some roasted walnuts, wishing the sweetness and fat of the nuts would somehow mask the bitterness (this way I ended up having something very similar to the argula pesto I made a while ago, minus garlic and plus mozzarella). As it turned out when we had our own plate of risotto at table, the risotto wasn't so bad - it wasn't so pungent, really. I don't know how it happened, but it must have been that my first bite had an extra high content of chopped argula, or something like that. Whatever. It was good, and gone quick.

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