November 13, 2004

the most authentic Italian restaurant in town

Wednesday, November 11

Penne with smoked salmon and caviar in buttery cream sauce, lunch at a newly-opened, what they claim to be the most authentic Italian restaurant in town. I am not certain about how authentic a pasta with smoked salmon and caviar is in Italy, but it was delicious and, hey, the pasta was perfect al dente at least (overcooking pasta should be a crime).


Santos said...

aaaah. that looks gorgeous. did you eat outside? that is a beautiful shot.

Reid said...

Hi Chika,

Looks good! What's the name of this new Italian restaurant? I might be Hilo in the next couple of weeks and would like to try it.

Cat said...

mm its looks incredible although not entirely authentic Italian. if it had whole unshelled mussles, baby octopus and the pasta was plain tossed with some fish bouillon it would be more authentic :)

fish fish said...

I love penne. Never tried caviar before. Must hv a try one day.

chika said...

Hi there,

Santos - no I ate inside. It was quite light there.

Reid - the restaurant is called Cafe Concerto, at 794D Kilauea (808-934-0312). They open for lunch only now, and it is a pretty small place with a small menu consisting of fairly classic, common dishes. They do have some Today's Specials though, and the dish I had was from them, too.

Cat - yeah I agree, the very dish I had wouldn't be really authentic, but I enjoyed it a lot though (and other dishes looked quite authentic from the menu). Pasta with octopus, oh how I miss it!!!

fish fish - I had never had that much of caviar at one time. I had always thought they were just garnish and tasteless themselves, but they actually had rich taste and it was good.

Reid said...

Hi Chika,

Thank you! =)

chika said...

Reid - do-itashi mashite! :)

Anonymous said...

You know Italian food very well :D "overcooking pasta should be a crime",if you come to Italy,call me,My mother is a very chef ;)

Cia' Chika,statt' bbuon' ;) 

Posted by Lorenzo