December 19, 2004

happy belated birthday

Friday, December 17

This is belated birthday cake for him, made upon his request - German chocolate cake.

German chocolate cake, or more precisely German's chocolate cake, would be the last thing for me to make on my own. For one thing, it is definitely way too sweet for me, and for another thing I don't care for shredded coconuts very much. But the biggest reason is that this is something that his grandma used to make for him - there is no way you can beat "mom's" of "grandma's" taste I guess, so I would steer clear of it. As long as I can.

This time, when asked what he wanted for his birthday cake, he replied German chocolate cake. I had already made him a wrong sort of chocolate cake on his birthday, and this time I really had to make something he likes... I had to do it.

After searching for recipes for a while, I settled down with the "classic" German's chocolate cake recipe found in many sources, including, of course, Baker's own (here). Unlike I'd normally do with American cake recipes, I didn't make changes but patiently followed the recipe (except that I made only 1/4 of what is required in it, and I actually used Scharffen Berger's instead of Baker's chocolate) - this kind of cake was supposed to be authentic anyways, and I had to make something that he would recognize as German chocolate cake. Only major difference I made was that I used sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated milk - and adjusted the amounts of milk and sugar a bit, so that I would obtain the same level of sweetness. Or so I tried.

I baked a sheet of cake, and cut out three small round-shaped cakes, and made layers with them just so that it would look pretty and a bit birthday-chocolate-like (even if it was slanted like Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the cakes were not exactly beautifully sliced, AND I didn't put any candle...).

My cake managed to impress the taster and got OK'd, except that he hinted that the frosting could have been a bit more caramel-y. It might have been because I didn't cook the frosting long enough as the condensed milk was very thick from the beginning... at any rate, I think it was okay overall, and I will not try again... once was really enough, for me, really.


Reid said...

Hi Chika,

I too don't like German chocolate cake because it is too sweet. Great first effort. The cake looks great!

chika said...

Hi Reid,

Sorry for my late reply...

Thanks, I guess I did a decent job, and I have enough of that!

Anonymous said...

What about the cake is supposed to be german at all???

I´ve never seen a cake like this in Germany ;-)))

Wonderful blog by the way! I´ve linked your blog on my site... Hope that´s ok for you. Take a look if you want :-)

Greetings Anke :)

chika said...

Hi Anke,

That was exactly what I thought when I first came to know about this cake. Actually it has nothing to do with Germany, and the cake really is called German's chocolate cake, as opposed to German chocolate cake. It is named after the name of the chocolate that is named after a name of a person whose name is German. That is what I hear. Confusing... :P

Thanks for the link!