December 17, 2004

a new holiday tradition...

Sunday, December 12

It is almost mid December and it has been a bit chilly here, especially in the evenings. In cold winter evenings (and sometimes during the day, too) I think of Gluehwein, or mulled wine. And now I had a cup of Gluehwein over a slice of Gluehweingugelhupf, or mulled wine cake.

I got this recipe (in Japanese) on the website of Juchheim, a German confectionery company in Japan that dates back to 1921 when a German couple founded what was now one of the large company that has numerous outlets throughout the country. I am not certain if they sell this Gluehwein cake in their shops, but I think that they, as a German confectionery manufacturer based in Japan, just intend to introduce recipes for traditional German sweets and snacks to Japanese people, in Japanese on their website.

When I first found this recipe, I was really thrilled, as I thought the idea of cake with Gluehwein terrific. As it turned out, however, the cake itself is just a chocolate cake whose batter is similar to that of regular pound cake, and it is brushed with mulled wine after it has been baked. Maybe it wouldn't be that exciting then, I thought for a moment, but I decided to try anyways, just because the cake seemed very Christmasy and suitable to the Advent season, or so they claim.

The cake was very simple to make; creaming butter and sugar, beating in eggs, adding melted chocolate and cream, then folding in dry ingredients (flour, ground almonds, cocoa powder, ground cinnamon, etc) along with chopped candied orange peels. I made only a little batter and ultimately had one cake in a small fluted round pan and another in a small muffin cup.

As for the mulled wine, in the recipe, ingredients are listed in only tiny winny amounts just enough to give a light brush on the cake, but it seemed impractical to me to make mulled wine using less than one fluid ounce of red wine and zest of 1/40 of an orange, and such. So I simply used a cup of wine to make enough mulled wine for both the cakes and myself.

And the cakes were really good. In fact a lot better than I had thought for a regular chocolate cake brushed with a bit of wine. The cake was tasty as is - moist and not too heavy, and the pair of chocolate and candied orange peels was good as ever with an underlying subtle cinnamon flavor. The taste of mulled wine wasn't immediately noticeable, but rather blended in with the chocolate and spice as a whole. As was expected, a glass of mulled wine indeed accentuate the matching flavor in the cake, just like sweet wine has done to the cake made with the same sweet wine. This could probably become one of such cakes that I'd enjoy before or after Christmas, or any given time in the cold winter.


el semidios del semisotano said...

vaya rico!!!!!!!

Santos said...

ah, gluehwein mit gluehweingugelhupf--if i can learn how to say it, i'd make it a tradition too :-)

Cat said...

mmm Glühwein is my absolute favourite,theres bottle in the kitchen waiting to be opened tonight. cant wait MMM :) enjoy!!!

Santos said...

hi chika--have you visited c+z yet? clotilde had some gluhwein too :-)

Scott said...


Reading your intricate and fukuzatsu and intriguing recipes makes me feel very unsophisticated about food, so I guess all I can say is something non-food related: Merry Christmas, and all the best for 2005...

Chocopie said...

hi, chika
Nice to meet you
I made my own blog for the first time.
Yours is very pretty and well filled with pictures and postings.
I'll visit very often you.
Help me to develop mine

Christmas cake seems to me very delicious and yummy.

pinkcocoa said...

oh my. the cake looks so rich and divine!

chika said...

Hi there,

el semidios del semisotano - gracias!

Santos - ぐりゅーわいん みっと ぐりゅーわいんくーげるほっぷふ, that's all I can say... (and I was delightened to see my favorite winter drink did good to someone else on the other side of the world fore sure!)

Cat - I've never had a ready-bottled gluehwein! that'd be nice :)

Scott - oh, am I making things look so complicated? :P
Thanks for your kind wishes, you are definitely my most favorite Canadian in the whole universe xxx

olipo - thanks for nice words and good luck with your brand-new own blog!

pinkcocoa - yeah I really should make that again :)