December 22, 2004

warm winter & many thanks

Wednesday, December 22

When I got Narita yesterday, I was mildly surprised with how it was not so cold out there. Folks kept saying it has been a warm winter, and now I can tell.

This afternoon we took a short walk in a nearby small park called Todoroki Valley.

While the colors of the leaves were a lot darker than those I saw when I was here in the beginning of this past summer, there were quite a few trees with bright red leaves in the middle of December... we are fortunate to have been able to enjoy them, but it is sure a bit strange feeling.


I would like to thank everyone who nominated my humble little blog in 2004 Food Blog Awards - Photography - it is my great honor to be named one of the five nominees in the category, and to be part of such a wonderful community indeed. Thank you!
(Go find out all the nominations in the sixteen categories and remember you have the right to vote!)


Reid said...

Hi Chika,

Congratulations on your nomination. The best of luck to you! =)

obachan said...

> Congratulations! I knew you were going to be nominated because your photos are marvelous. Good luck!

chika said...

Thank you very much Reid and obachan,

See how things turn out in a week or so :)