January 1, 2005

may it be a light and warm new year

Saturday, January 1

Okay, now it is 2005 in most part of the world...

I am now at my mom's in Nagano, a mountainous area in the middle of Japan. It is coooold here up in the mountains, and we are sitting around a fireplace, blessing its light and warmth.

Happy dazzling & sparkling new year!


Cat said...

everything looks beautifully presented (the food from the other post) have a wonderful time with your family in Japan! Happy New Year to you & yours :)

Kane said...

Happy New Year!

Estelle said...

Happy new year to you, Chika! Thanks for all these wonderful pictures and this great blog, I wish you many more memorable meals for the year ahead!

Anthony said...

Nagano would be a gorgeous (and much cooler) place to spend the New Year.


Anonymous said...

what's tht pretty thing you're trying to take a pic of?


Santos said...

hi chika--oh, you're the cutest thing :-) happiest of new years to you, him, and your family. stay warm and lovely!

baron said...

Probably a photo of this.

Requia said...

Happy New Year and all the best. I really like you blog. Hope to see lots of posts and lots of nice pictures this year !


Anonymous said...

Hey Chika:

I need your e-mail address.

Sorry to spam your comments...

Hillel from tastingmenu. :)

info / at / tastingmenu / dot / com

Anonymous said...

wow... tht looks really cute! hahhaa.. is it holding a cube of sugar?

Tht would make a really nice gift for HER


chika said...

Thanks and Belated Happy New Year to you all, I wish all the best for 2005!

Cat - yeah it is really nice being back home with family :)

Kane - happy happy new year to you too!

Estelle - Thanks, a lots of great food to you too for the coming 12 months or so!

Anthony - it was coooooool up there! Thinking it might be nice to have a really warm (or more like hot?) new year on the other side of the equator!


ala - as you have already found out, it was a tiny buddy called mentaico-chan. I put the pic on my other blog (here). Cute, isn't it!!

Santos - thanks, same to you! (I know you wouldn't have to try to stay warm in Guam though...)

baron - o good job!

Hillel - thanks for the note, that is great!

Anthony said...


I lived in Japan for 7 years. Mainly in Tokyo but I did a fair bit of travelling, mainly touring by motorcycle. There are some beautiful winding roads around Nagano so I have many happy memories of it. I think I spent my New Years in Tokyo though, it was nice to be able to see Mt Fuji on New Year's Day and then be the only person in Shibuya. I expect everybody else was keeping warm elsewhere.

Oh and of you feel like a New Year on this side of the equator you're more than welcome.

PS just had a warm memory of those little heat pads that you shake and then they become hot. (Or alternatively a hot can of Boss Coffee for my cold biker hands).

chika said...

Hi Anthony,

Now I know why :)

It'd be way cool being the only person in Shibuya (there are usually quite a bit of people all the time you know), let alone seeing Mt Fuji on New Year's Day!

I always had trouble when I got a can of hot coffee or hot chocolate (or tea, whatever) on a cold day; whether to drink it to warm up from inside or to hold it with the both hands to warm up dead cold hands :D