February 27, 2005

a soup that took 2 months to get ready

French onion soup, such a lovely, hearty treat for a cold day. I made a whole lot of caramelized onions a few months back and kept it in the freezer with this soup in my mind.

Caramelizing onion is a time-consuming task (it took me a good one hour), but once you've got it, the onion soup is half ready; add some flour to the onions to make roux, add some wine (and I used brandy as well), followed by some water, bouillon, and herbs (I used thyme and a bay leaf), then cook for another hour or so. Ah I forgot to put garlic.

Place some lightly toast and butter thin slices of baguette on a bowl of the soup, top it with a plenty of grated Gruyere cheese, then broil the whole thing until the cheese melts.

I'd always be put off by this time-consuming way of cooking French onion soup, but whenever I actually make it and eat it, it makes me get my mind set; I'll do this again. Then it is only a matter of when I'd do it "again"...


Anonymous said...

pretty! i rather perversely am not fond of onion soup, but i love caramelized onions, gruyere cheese and toast. your caramelized onions look so good, i think i'd just eat them on the cheese toast!  

Posted by santos

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika,

The French onion soup looks delicious, even if I don't really care for onions.  

Posted by Reid

Anonymous said...

Hello, Chika
This is my first time to visit your blog, nice to meet you~ :)
Your caramelized onion looks so delicious. I am thinking to try your onion soup~ Should I use medium heat to caramelize the onion? You didn't mention to add sugar in the onion, is it not nessesary? And what kind of onion are you using? Just regular white ones?
Sorry I have so many questions~ ^_^ Thx! 

Posted by Leafyu

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

santos - in fact, that time I made the soup really thick, almost saucy than soupy, and it was quite good. Though I'm sure cheese toast with caramelized onion will be yummy, too!

Reid - you don't care for caramelized onions either? Make them with Maui sweet onions, they'll taste super good...

Leafyu - oooo I'm so sorry for getting back to you so late. Should you be still interested in making those French onion soups, here are my answers: 1. cook your onions on very low heat, 2. absolutely no need to add sugar in onions, they are really sweet themselves, and 3. I used sweet onions, but regular yellow onions will work, too (I'm not sure about white ones). There will be a lot of similar recipes on the net, so go look around.

Posted by chika

Anonymous said...

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Posted by S. Ogle