August 26, 2011

fruits of summer: best of summer

I've said it many times before, but I'm saying it again: I don't like summer. I just don't. But here I mean summers in Tokyo, to be more specific. Weeks of 90F/33C temperatures combined with 90% humidity isn't something I can happily have. I dread it, to say the least. But that is the kind of summer that I've had for most of my life, whether I like it or not (of course not).

And then, there are other kinds of summer. And one that I am increasingly getting accustomed to is summer here in a small town in Nagano, over half a mile above sea level surrounded by mountains.
It does get fairly hot during the day and it is still very humid, but once you're in the shade it's not too bad, and evenings are cool and mostly pleasant. I really can't complain.

And there is abundance of summer produce, thanks to the nature's bounty in Nagano - both vegetables and fruits. Local stone fruits, in particular, have kept me busy (and happy) throughout the summer months.