October 31, 2011

making up for a month that never was...

One morning in the last week of October when it was still warm enough to sit outside, if you were in the sunshine - and perhaps with a throw or blanket on the lap. And a hot cup of tea. One of those blissful autumn days.

The mountains are changing their colors literally day by day, and while few trees around here have those strikingly bright red and yellow leaves that we often associate with the image of 'autumn leaves', their subdued, brownish shades are beautiful, too.

...well, in their own ways.

I was away for a few weeks, and had half expected it would be too late to have some tea outside by the time I'm back. Yet October seemed to have been blessed with a very mild weather, and I was delighted to come home to beautifully sunny, warm days.

October 12, 2011

October sunshine

no words today- just a few pics from earlier the month, before they're too outdated.. cx