August 26, 2012

mostly fruit - with a bit of water and ice

With the end of August coming up and a hint of autumn in the air, it feels that the summer is almost over. Except it's not, just yet. The days are still hot and I'm still consuming quite a lot of cold drinks, mostly tea and water, but occasionally something a little more sweet and fruity.

In addition to super-light flavored waters like the ones I shared in my last post, I've been having fruit-based drinks that are slightly (or a lot) more substantial, but just as refreshing and delicious, packed with season's fruits. Here are some of them.

August 13, 2012

mostly water - with a hint of summer flavors

It's mid August and the summer heat has finally hit us here up in the mountains, where you need room heating about three quarters of a year. Still, nothing compared to what I survived in Tokyo every year for most of my life, but even here it can get hotter than I'd rather like every now and then. And I find myself swapping a glass of something cold (or lukewarm) for a warm cup of tea that I usually drink throughout the day on any given day.

That's often cold-brew sencha (green tea) or genmaicha (roasted brown rice tea, with some matcha to it), or just plain water.
But for the past week or two I've been experimenting with something a little different - like this chamomile mint water with cardamom, for instance.