September 27, 2006

bon week-end

Still alive, breathing, eating, working, resting, living my life. Somewhere on earth.
Random shots from the past weekend (slideshow)


Unknown said...

I was just pointed to your blog while reading in Newsweek about Chubby Hubby's blog in Singapore.

Paris in the fall, eh? Not too shabby.

I just moved to Japan and will be here until January, I hope to dig up some great food gems by doing some trolling into your past posts.

Just had my first bowl of ramen at a shop in Shinjuku. Nothing at all like the dried stuff. Very tasty indeed. I can't wait to try everything here!



Posted by Jeff D

patoumi said...

I have the same shoes! 

Posted by patoumi

Anonymous said...

Well done! I'm inspired;) 

Posted by ashk1n

Anonymous said...

I found the photo of your feet, touching, most lovely. I hope to make it over to Paris with my loved one, sometime soon. Thanks for the beautiful reminder, Chika! 

Posted by a l i c e

Gustad said...

did u pass out and dall, and the camera took a pic of you? 

Posted by Gustad Mody

Anonymous said...

I had similar shoes when I was, I think, 8. Made me smile to have been reminded of them.

karen \(^o^)/ said...

I simply LOVE the pics you took!! (^v^)

HOw I CHANCED upon your blog>>>>>
YOUR yukimi nabe..heehee 

Posted by karen

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures!