November 20, 2006

last weekend

It must have been one of the last warm weekends of the year, and definitely one of the last for me to spend before flying away... time indeed flies, as they say. Especially when you're having a ball, blessed with great weather and food as well as wonderful company... all beyond your wildest dreams.

A few more days to go in California. As always, thank you all for putting up with my sporadic posting, which is likely to last for a little while longer.


Miss Kim said...

Oh how gorgeous!

Julia said...

beautiful pictures!
that little cake caught my eye - it looks amazing! yum! =)

Anonymous said...

hope you enjoyed yourself in CA. :) you know, that looks an awful lot like the dessert and the table from Cocolat in Santana Row. 

Posted by J.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are gorgeous! Do you take them yourself?
I just had to comment... you have a natural eye for photography, 

Posted by Kristen

Rin said...

Hi there,I'm always inspired by your blog.The way you take the photos just take my breath away,it seems like it captures your feeling at that point of time when you're looking at the food.I love the bench especially.I bet you have really beautiful mind and heart.Do take more and more pictures!Thanks!=D 

Posted by Rini

Anonymous said...

Oh My! great pictures. I love this!