March 8, 2010

hello kyoto!

- late lunch in the mid afternoon at café bibliotic hello!


we arrived in kyoto on a sunny and warm friday, then spent the weekend busy running errands in the cold rains. so i was grateful for the sunshine and blue sky in the monday morning.

and even though the glorious weather was fairly short-lived, my day got only better as i caught up with my fellow (temporary) kyotoite for a lazybusy afternoon of chatting, lunching, lounging, shopping, and more chatting. there are few better ways to kick start a week than this - especially when it's your first week in a new city.

* café bibliotic hello! is a machiya-turned-into-cafe, arguably one of the best known of this sort - a super relaxing and cozy place. i have some photos i took last time i was there a few years ago here; more from the same trip in the autumn 2007 are here. you can also read a little about the cafe in english here.

hello the new week, hello my friends, and hello kyoto! -c x