March 30, 2005

three months old

I kept one small loaf of fruit cake that I made in the past December for last Christmas. About two weeks old on Christmas day, the cake had quite a smack of alcohol; so I decided to keep one to "mature" more. Now it's been three months since the day I made it - and actually a year and a half since I prepared the liquor-soaked fruits -, and the cake has definitely developed its taste; it has gotten a lot mellower with a more refined tone of liquor I think.

Having eaten the last slice of the last loaf, I contemplate making a new jar of fruit-cake fruits in the liquor for Christmas this year - or maybe even next year, might as well.


Anonymous said...

Cool, it looks like the best of both worlds: yummy homemade taste, but "shelf" stable just like the foods you get in grocery stores. 

Posted by Jessica "Su Good Eats"

Anonymous said...

In Canada, kids who play hockey sell fruitcakes every Christmas season to raise money for their teams. I remember going door-to-door every winter, trying to convince skeptical buyers that THIS fruitcake/christmas cake was much, much tastier than what they're normally used to. Your picture looks much tastier than the stuff I used to sell, which was actually about as tasty as a hockey puck. And, come to think of it, as hard, too...

How long can you let cake 'mature' until it becomes inedible? I say, with the next one, don't taste it until Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi shaves his head bald. Then again, Jun-chan loves that hair (and so does the rest of Japan, deshoo), so you may be waiting a long, long time... 

Posted by Scott

Anonymous said...


Jessica - too bad it was the last loaf!

Scott - well I have never tasted a "real" hockey puck, so I can't claim that mine tasted better than pucks :P

I don't know up to how long these cake could be edible, or have no plan to make an investigation :P but I have heard that in some cultures people make these as wedding cake and keep one for a year to celebrate the first anniversary... oh, but in that case they're kept in the freezer, so it's different... hmm. Did you want to try and see yourself?? 

Posted by chika