June 7, 2005

back with a full belly and a few full bags

Sun was shiny and the air was soft. There was definitely a breeze of summer up there in Europe.

I gave myself a two-week vacation in Paris-Milan & its suburban town called Piacenza-London, where I did very little sightseeing and instead just was hanging out with my friends and their families - some of them I met for the first time, some of them I had known from before.

I ate at a restaurant on some occasions and bought myself to-go meals on some others, but in most cases, to my great delight, I ate at home of my friends, all of whom were wonderful cooks. I would go out with them for dinner shopping, help them (only a bit) cook, or otherwise play with their young kids while dinner was cooking. It was such a lovely treat for me, taking my time off - both from work and the Internet, for the most part - and taking it easy. I can't thank enough my friends who spared the time to see me, or even offered me a night's bed.

During my trip this time around, I really didn't have any "bad" food. Everything I ate was either excellent, good, or decent at least. From the next post on, I am hoping to briefly go over what I ate in, or brought back from, Europe in my trip.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chika,
the last picture is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful market shots I have ever seen!
Glad you liked your holidays in Europe AND were lucky with the weather. We had some friends from the US over for the last week and they were totally happy about the wonderful weather... We told them about a (only German?) saying: "the weather is always nice, when angels travel"... 

Posted by Nicky

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for your review, welcome back! 

Posted by Estelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika,

Welcome back from your trip! I just got back from a short vacation myself. I don't think that mine was anywhere near as exciting as yours though.

Hope you had a nice time and thank you for sharing your pictures with us. They are so beautiful! =) 

Posted by Reid

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to read all about the delicious food and see more of your beautiful pictures.


Posted by Rachael

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, I'm glad you had such a great time!  

Posted by Janet

Anonymous said...

ı am happy 'cause you liked your trip.
I am from TURKEY
We are waiting you to our country especially in summer.I am sure you wıll like it.

Posted by BİRSEN

Anonymous said...

hi, chika
I came back from a business trip to London and Dublin. It was good. I agree with you because all foods what I've tasted during business trip were fantastic. So I became so happy. Certainly you're very happy ? 

Posted by Chocopie

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika,
I love your site! I don't see your e-mail address so I'm writing this in the comments, hoping you read them. Clotilde recommended I ask you where you stayed when you came to Paris. I'm looking for a cheap hotel. Do you remember its name? I'd be most grateful!
Thanks so much,
Adam (Amateur Gourmet) 

Posted by Adam

Anonymous said...

Can you summarize how you made the lemon-lime rosemary pasta? It looks so great but I couldn't find the recipe in the dean and deluca's book.
Thank you so much 

Posted by joanna

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!Your blog rocks!I've been searching for this kinda stuff for a long long time.And I chanced upon your website through the straits times newspaper.This really make me hungry,guess I'm gonna find food now.Superb photos by the way! 

Posted by Rini

Anonymous said...


Congrats. Very stunning write-up in Singapore's main English-language newspaper.  

Posted by Chubby Hubby

Anonymous said...


Same agenda as Chubby Hubby - to congratulate you on your blog write-up in our (Singapore) Straits TImes last Sunday.


Posted by Mia aka The Skinny Epicurean

Anonymous said...

dropped by your blog after i read about it in the papers (in spore). your blog was recommended and being such a foodie myself, i really enjoy your pics and all abt japan. ;) 

Posted by cindy

Anonymous said...

sigh, makes me sad since i'm not getting a vacation this summer. oh well, guess i'll have to make believe by drinking some tropical, alcohol-laden beverages and cooking with strange vegetables. by the way, i've tagged you for a five cookbooks meme  hope you don't mind!

Posted by rae

Anonymous said...

missed you around here. nice to have you back.  

Posted by defne

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika,

You've been tagged!  

Posted by Elise

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thanks everyone for visiting here and leaving notes even though I have long neglected this site. I did have fun in Europe and am going to tell you about it in a short while.

Thank you also for lettimg me know about the Strait Times article - although I have myself not read the article yet. If anyone knows of a way to take a look at it online?

rae & Elise - thanks for tagging me for that meme, I will try and find a time to get around to it...  

Posted by chika