November 12, 2005

seeing winter on the horizon

I've been staying at my family's little house in Nagano, a mountainous area in the heart of Japan. Bad news (at least to me) is that I'm not on vacation - yes I've got a hunk of work enough to bind me in front of computer whole time. Well good news is that I do have a bit of time now and then to go out to get fresh air and bake little things out of autumn bounties, which I hope I will blog about in the next few posts.

Nationwide, it's been said that we're having another warmer winter, and it's surely been pretty warm for this area for this time of the year.

For now I have some of the photos I've taken in this past couple of weeks of my stay up here for you to take a view at flickr (click here to open a new window and view the set of photos as slideshow). Although it hasn't been as cold as it should have been, we do see signs of the coming of winter here and there, and I hope you will, too.

Note: I have belatedly updated my last post about pumpkin tartelettes that I made on Halloween, in case you are interested at all.


Dennis Caswell said...

What a great site...such stunning photography. Beautiful stuff. I shall be linking to you from my blog!


Posted by Dennis

Rachel said...

Lovely pictures! those apple look great! 

Posted by rachel

Kathleen said...

What a lovely site! Thanks for the heads-up on the update of the pumpkin tartlettes. 

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chika said...

Hi Dennis, Rachel, and someone, lovely thanks for your comments and compliments :) 

Posted by chika