December 18, 2005


Shall we walk through a chilly, snowy morning with the bear brothers... click here to watch them snowballfight and then have a break with some snowball cookies in a warm room.

I meant to make pistachio & lemon snowball cookies inspired by a recipe called Pistachio & Lemon Bites from Donna Hay Magazine (Issue #22, 2005), using my snowball cookie recipe (its hazelnut-praline version can be found here). Instead of roughly chopping the nuts, I simply ground them all the way to have pistachio flour, which I baked into the cookies.

It worked just fine, except that I forgot to put lemon zest (Ouch!). So they were just pistachio snowball cookies, which was okay, but I'd have loved to taste the combination of pistachio AND lemon together... maybe next time.

Bears by Bearista® Bears ©2003 Starbucks Coffee Company.


santos. said...

gaaaah, sotooooooo cute, you're killing me with kawaii. 

Posted by santos.

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!!! =3 You guys looked like you all had a lot of fun! Did it take the bear brothers long to dry off after the tumble in the snow? ^_~ 

Posted by Tea

Anthony said...

I remember seeing snow out the window, being so exicted, and running out to the streets to play. Admittedly I was 23, but I did live in a hot country. The bears have reminded me to get photographing on another adventure.

chika said...

Hi there, thanks for your comments :9

Santos - yeah I find myself keep getting those bears every year...

Tea - it didn't at all - it was such powdery snow, it didn't stay on them for very long...

Anthony - oh it doesn't snow in Perth at all, or were you living somewhere else? Looking forward to check out sequels of your photo stories! 

Posted by chika