April 22, 2006

alive, eastbound

Last Wednesday, I set out on a trip to the east

Spent days hiking, bushwalking, beachwalking on a southeast island

And further moved east to eventually land on another island.

From Melbourne to Tasmania and then I now find myself in Auckland, a de facto capital of New Zealand. While my laptop is loaded with tons of photos from Tassie, I've got other business to take care of and it might take me a little while to sort out all the photos and post them here. For now, I have posted some pictures from my days in Melbourne and its neighboring areas; if you are in need of killing time, click any of the thumbnails below to launch a slideshow.

Strolling along St Kilda beach, near Melbourne City, on the last real hot, sunny day of the summer

A day out to Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne, to taste local wines, bears, cheeses and chocolates

My second weekend at Yarra Valley wineries; after one month from the first time, things got definitely much autumnlike...

Casual dinner at a restrant in Sounth Bank district of Melbourne; after a gray and almost stormy afternoon, we had a lovely evening view of the town.


Anonymous said...

Ah you make me feel nostalgic. I lived in New Zealand for 2 years and visited Melbourne many times as well. My last trip to NZ was in February of this year, and I had once more a fabulous time! I am sure you must hava had a great time. on my next trip, I surely plan to visit Tasmania, which I am told is very alike New Zealand. Would be curious to hear what you think!
Bon voyage!

Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from a blogger - no prize for guessing where from !!!Great photos - blog on !!! Hope you enjoy NZ. 

Posted by Kelvin Yorke

Idham said...

hye chika,

great photos. thank you for wishes in ur search for true happiness!


Posted by idham

Anonymous said...

hi, love your photos ... very creative & well taken. what camera or equipment do you use? cheers! 

Posted by fiona

chika said...

Hi there, thanks for your comments :)

bea - I have also been told that, but I'm not sure as - I've only stayed in Auckland this time. South island of new zealand may be more like tassie, I'd imagine.

fiona - thanks, I'veen using a Nikon D70 for some time now. 

Posted by chika