January 15, 2007

an ordinary saturday morning

a quick stroll around Borough Market

With Christmas trees long gone and no New Year's greetings heard any longer, things are now back to normal, it seems. Except maybe that I am still in London. That it doesn't feel too special is actually very special to me.

Saturday before the last was a big day for me, as my friend and I had another friend over from Tokyo and we all went to somewhere I'd always wanted to. I am hoping to do a post about it, but if you would like a sneak peek, here are some of the shots from the day.


Anonymous said...

I just found out about this blog cause it had some great pictures..of food and landscape xD

Happy new year, enjoy life and keep taking those awesome photos.

*maybe you should publish the photos into a book or something because it seems to make a good photo essay.

Posted by Jun Cheng

Jaison said...

xvxaHi Chika,
We me at our vineyard Kerr Farm Vineyard at Kumeu New Zealand a while back. I am enjoying you images. I have a canon eos 300D the same as you I think. What lens are you using and what mode do you shoot most in. Looking forward to hearing from you

Regard Jaison 

Posted by Jaison Kerr

Anonymous said...

Wow ... your photos are indeed amazing, as usual. Beautiful is an understatement ...

Posted by aika

Yuzu said...

Your photos are so gorgeous. I've enjoyed looking at your blog for quite a while. 

Posted by Yuzu

Anonymous said...

I love your photos. I am less of a photographer and more of a foodie, so when you are next time on Borough market you should try the German Deli. They do some delicious Thueringer Bratwurst (roast sausage) with mustard and German rye bread, best with a beer, delicious way to start the day. 

Posted by clifford weiner

Susan from Food Blogga said...

As a newcomer to your site, I am simply astonished. I cannot stop picture is more breathtaking than the next. I really lingered over your Vancouver photos as my husband and I have wonderful memories of a remarkable trip there last year. Now, I might log onto AirCanada.

p.s. Like Clifford, I'm more of a foodie. I have recently begun a blog, and I'll be adding your site to my "wicked cool blogs." I'm already looking forward to your next post.  

Posted by Susan

Anonymous said...

hi...i just found out about this site and i like it very much...the photos are lovely...keep up the good work! 

Posted by ioana isai

GS said...

Beautiful photos as always. When I lived in London and shopped at the Dalston market (in the '80s) it never looked this good. I think the stallholders must have gone to caligraphy school in the meantime :) 

Posted by another outspoken female

Jill said...

very nice photos, please continue posting reguarly. i am looking forward to your next entry 

Posted by jill

Ping said...

Hi! Just wanted to drop a note saying your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Especially the ones of Paris. Makes me miss Her all over again! And not to mention your pictures of food! Makes my mouth water! Wish I could take photos like this! I'd definitely visit your blog regularly! Arigato gozaimasu! 

Posted by Ping

Scribbit said...

What lovely photos! It appears that that strange fruit is called Dragon fruit? I'll have to google that one--it's new to me. My brother lived in Japan for two years, around Fukuoka, I should ask him.

I love your blog, I'm just beginning to discover the fascinating world of food blogs. 

Posted by Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thank you very much for your kind words.

Jaison - Hellooo! My camera is actually a Nikon, but I remember we talked a bit about photography at your tasting room... you've seen my photo of your winery in Cuisine magazine wine issue last year, I reckon? That was taken in that afternoon. Hope you liked it.

clifford - we did try some German sausage rolls (hotdogs, that is?) but not sure if that is the one you're talking about. Would love to go back and check out more for sure!

Michelle - They certainly are called Dragon fruit. Not native to Japan, but rather nice nevertheless. :) 

Posted by chika

Cris said...

Your pictures are so inspiring! Love the colors and the themes, just found out about you.  

Posted by Cris

Anonymous said...

i really love your csptures the best out of the cuisines which made it an art for food!!!