October 24, 2007

first time in nippon

Getting a taste of Japan...

Brunch with a cheeky glass of bubbly at Cafe Aux Bacchanales; Ginza, Tokyo

Afternoon tea in stlye at Park Hyatt Tokyo; Shinjuku, Tokyo

Lazy afternoon people-watching at Anniversaire Cafe; Omotesando, Tokyo

Casual wining and dining at a Japanese-Italian izakaya; Futako-tamagawa, Tokyo

Red wine-friendly roasted pigeon for dinner at Boulangerie Patisserie Brasserie Viron; Shibuya, Tokyo

Ekiben with a mandatory beer on the shinkansen bullet train

Tucking in okonomi-yaki and fried noodle at a local okonomi-yaki bar, Kyoto

Room service breakfast to slow start a busy day in town

... someimes with some quick-fix Mimosa, even.

Your one-week visit in Tokyo and Kyoto went by in a flash and before you know it you find yourself back home, unloading your overweight suitcase as you are greeted by your dog with much enthusiasm. You might still be thinking about seared sashimi tuna steaks that turned out to be not as scary as you had thought them to be, while regretting that you did not get around to trying one of those Pocari Sweat (which actually doesn't contain sweat at all) from a random vending machine.

Apart from some dishes that might sometimes have been too fishy to your taste, and certain procedures that would have been overly polite and time-consuming, I hope Japan has treated you good and proved itself to be not all that alien and scary. I may not always be here, you know, but Japan will certainly be here for you should you ever wish to come back - and I hope you will soon.

(photographs from autumn Tokyo [mostly of food] and Kyoto will follow hopefully shortly...)


Jeff D said...

I'm confused...aren't you Japanese? :)

shaun.marie said...

i stumbled across your blog due to the microwave cake, but the photo of the little japanese/halloween cup/bowl made me laugh. lovely photos!

ANNE said...

Lovely blog! I just started reading last month, and it's really made an impression on me in the way I take pictures (lots of sky) and has added to my appreciation of a artfully presented meal or drink. Now if only I could cook!

Anonymous said...

Felicitaciones!!! Tu blog es ESPECTACULAR!!
saludos desde Buenos Aires.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika,

Great post here, I've been reading ur blog for more than a year now... still very interesting to pop by everytime, although lately you have been busy travelling I guess - which tell the post not as frequent anymore :p
By the way, I know you own bakery right? where is that? Is it in Tokyo? would you be able to recommend me where is nice family bed&breakfast to stay in Tokyo if I only have 1 day and 1 night?

Thank you & keep the great work


Anonymous said...

Great photos. I was in Tokyo and Kyoto recently. Still working on my pictures, which are definitely not as good as yours.