July 22, 2009

colors and flavors

Now that the summer is all around us and my freezer is being filled up with ice cream, I thought I'd first do a post about frozen treats I made last summer (because I made A LOT!). As I put together photos and text, I'm giving you a little something to work on - here is a glimpse of some of the ice creams and sorbets I made last year. Guess what flavors they are? Each of them either has a mixture of different flavors, or uses something a bit unique for ice cream/sorbet.

What about these?

Don't say "chocolate!" - that is exactly what my sister said when asked what flavor she thought the one she'd just had was, after she had tried three of them. They are all chocolate - with an added flavor that is different for each of them.

There is no prize or anything for those who got them right, just for a little fun. You can either speak out and leave a comment here or keep your thoughts all to yourself. (To my Japanese blog readers - it's too easy for you as I've already done posts last year, so let us keep it between us for now!) I'll do a full post in a few days, and you'll see how you have fared. See you soon! -c x


Swee San said...

I'm guessing..
(L - R) orange / kumquat / mandarin / lemon with honey
green tea with white choc ice cream
mm.. butterpecan / caramelish ice cream?
last, raspberry yoghurt rose sorbet?
For the other 4,
mm chocolate and hazelnut ice cream with crushed hazelnuts?
milk chocolate with malt?
dark chocolate with hint of coffee ?
oh oh, how about chocolate chilli ?
oh my this is fun!

santos. said...

i'm guessing canteloupe/chanteraise melon, avocado, peach, and raspberry or plum with some sort of liqueur. i don't know about the chocolates, but hazelnut seems like a good guess for one of them!

Rena said...

mango, green tea, something i can't figure out(!), and rose?

are any of those chocolate ones mexican chocolate (with cinnamon and chile)?

Shalum said...





raspberry? :)

Utopia Munich said...

I came across your blog from an old issue of Food and Wine magazine. I really love food blogs and your food pics are fantastic!

I'd like to guess the sorbet flavors..
green tea
hmm..something with some kind of berries ^^

I gave up for the chocolate part!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it! But I can't possibly imagine guessing without tasting them. C'est la vie.

Jackie at said...

Gotta taste to be able to make the guess. This sounds like a fun game. Are they all naturally colored? no food coloring involved, right?

chika said...

Hi there, thanks for having a guess! Some of you got some of them right - be sure to check out the new post! x

chika said...

p.s. Jackie: yes, they are all of natural colors, no food coloring involved :)