January 24, 2010

hot chocolate on a spoon, with a shot

a late night treat...

This is a Cuillère chocolatée, or 'chocolate spoon', from France; I got four of these, all different flavors (there were 20 in total) at Salon du Chocolat in Paris last October. This one is dark chocolate with a small dropper filled with Génépy, which I didn't know what it is except it is some sort of liquor (which it is).

Before making my cup of hot chocolate, I wasn't quite sure what to do with this dropper thing sticking out of the block of chocolate; should I take it out and add the liquor once the hot chocolate is ready? But it wouldn't come out, so I just placed the whole thing in a small mug and poured in near-boiling milk... and figured that, as your stir the spoon and the chocolate melts, the content of the dropper gradually comes into the chocolate mixture by itself and infuses the hot chocolate with a subtle yet definite flavor of the liquor. Neat, isn't it?

This week I'm hoping to drop by Salon du Chocolat in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Just to check it out, you know. After a fair bit of splurging last year, I should know better not to make the same, um, mistake... or should I?

Have a good week everyone! -c x


monicajane said...

yum! and how fun!

Melinda Tai said...

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Heidi Leon Monges said...

love the idea of the chocolate on a spoon (with booze!).

oh, and I'm so envy!. You're going to Tokyo?