March 15, 2010

start of the day, start of the week, start of the spring

a peek at some of my breakfasts these days...

sakura steamer (cherry blossom-flavored steamed milk) and a blueberry scone at starbucks;

home-baked apple and raisin bread pudding (based toughly on this recipe) and tea;

a cranberry bagel from "our" bakery (about a minute's walk from our place) and homemade yuzu marmalade from sigrid; and

toasted brioche from the said bakery and homemade matcha dulce de leche (ver 2.0. with white chocolate) from the said friend and momo ichigo strawberries (like these).

We're getting a little tired of all these rainy days, but it's definitely getting warmer by the week, if not day. People are getting all excited for the cherry blossoms to come out and planning hanami or cherry blossom viewing parties (though you can't really tell whether it is the blossoms or the booze that you are appreciating more, but that's another story).

According to the "cherry blossoms forecasts" we should be seeing the flowers coming out sometime early next week, and in full bloom over the weekend. I can't wait! But for now, here is my past post (back in 2005!) about my trip to Kyoto for sakura...

Hope it is (getting) nice and warm where you are, and you all have a wonderful week! -c x