April 3, 2010

bunnies say hello and...

Ouch! Is it Easter already? Really?? (And who bit my ear off??)

Sure, we don't really do Easter in Japan like we do Christmas, and it's not overly surprising if you didn't remember it was Easter. But for this year specially, it really did slip out of my mind as I was (and still am) completely absorbed in sakura, or cherry blossoms - and with all these beautiful blossoms in bloom here and there in Kyoto, who could blame me? (Okay, maybe a certain few people who have been subject to my talking about it non-stop and stopping every time I spot a cherry tree on a random street. And I'm very thankful to them for putting up with me.)

Last year I happened to be in London around Easter and joined a lovely bunch of people for some pretty impressive UK-US-JP-mix Easter lunch on Easter Friday. This year, without noticing it was an Easter Friday at all, I ended up spending the evening partying with some old friends under the cherry trees...

And hanami can't get any more typical than this, folks - seated around a proper table complete with zabuton cushions, outdoors under the rows of cherry trees and drink a few (or more) with friends. And we had a truly wonderful time, celebrating our little reunion after four years since we all first met in Tasmania while on a little bus tour. How life can work wonders.

It's Easter Sunday today, and I don't have much planned for the occasion, but I'm thinking about going out for a(nother) cherry tree viewing stint. And maybe a few drinks in the evening, who knows. I hope you are all having a wonderful time over Easter, or otherwise a wonderful weekend. I spare you another bombard of cherry blossom photos this time, but rest assured they will come in a few days' time...

Happy Easter everyone! -c xx

* MaltEaster bunny chocolate by Maltesers; a marshmallow bunny found in a cozy small cafe in Kyoto :)