August 3, 2010

first days of august

when i was a kid, our summer vacation would normally be from late july (sometime around 23ht, 25th) to the end of august. i'd always thought of august the month of summer. although i have now long left school and the summery weather in fact starts in the middle of july and the heat linger until late september, the first days of august still make me feel that the summer really has arrived, in full wing. Here's a quick look back at my first few days of this august, filled with summer's little treasures...

... a drive on the country roads, through a forest path in the rays of sun through the trees...

... for a quick blueberry picking trip under the scorching sun...

... to come home with a large heap of sun-kissed berries, which i snacked on for the rest of the day;

... another day, waking up, with much delight, to a basket full of white peaches, just picked off the tree in the family garden;

... and the seemingly endless supplies of summer vegetables from the veggie patch: cucumber after cucumber, eggplant after eggplant...;

... and after another typically blazing hot day, a quick sight of local fireworks.

quite honestly, i'm pretty much over the summer and the heat and all that. but i know it isn't going to give me a break so quick. so here i am, hoping to weather it and while i'm doing so, might as well enjoy, or try to enjoy, the summer - or summer's bounty, at least.

have a good summer to all! -cx