September 30, 2010

end of a month, beginning of a season

I've been back in Tokyo for some time now. I have places to go to and things to do, and yet the weather hasn't been cooperating very much. For the first few days after I arrived, the summer heat and humidity was still quite intense. Then we had a typhoon, which finally brought along a cooler air - and more rain. It's been really wet and dark for the past few days, and a lot of my plans for here have been put on ice.

But we've had one sunny and warm day this week, and I couldn't pass it up after being stuck inside and working all day for a few days; so that afternoon, I traded my sneakers for my laptop, and went out for a short walk to a nearby park to take in the sun - with my camera.

It was a reasonably large park, and people were walking, reading, chatting, playing, or simply sat on a bench, generally enjoying themselves. It was not too warm, not too cold, pleasantly dry with gentle breeze, rays of the afternoon sun showering through the thick leaves. A perfect afternoon to be out and about.

Then I drifted off to a nearby library and spent an hour or so picking up books - something I had not done in a very long time. When it was getting dark outside, I headed home, treating myself to soft serve (vanilla & chocolate).

Which was another thing that I don't do often; such a huge ice cream eater I might perhaps be, somehow I'm not very keen on soft serve. I can't remember last time I bought one myself. But it was one of those days that I felt like it. Nothing very special, but a bit special in my own little ways.

And alas, the rain came back on the following day and it was wet and dark again. But I'm still hopeful that we will be having nicer, autumnal days soon, very soon; it's one of the best time of a year to be in Tokyo, and we should deserve it after a particularly ferocious summer.

(Well, I myself fled from Tokyo for this summer, but still.)