March 27, 2005

not for hunting

This has got nothing to do with Easter except that it is egg-shaped, which I think is a rason good enough for inclusion in a vaguely Easter-related post here. Named goma-tamago, or literary "black sesame egg", it is a light cake filled with sweet black sesame & bean curd and sweet, soft black sesame paste in the middle, and coated with white chocolate.

They are sold as a Tokyo souvenir and I wanted to try one of these when I saw them at a store, and I recently got a chance; I had to buy something from Tokyo for someone, so I bought two boxes - one for them, one for us.

I had been expecting something like moist cake bearing soft and runny sesame paste inside, but what came out was a rather dry cake filled with thick sesame paste, coated with a super skinny layer of white chocolate. I wouldn't say it was all that disappointing, but just wasn't what I had thought it would be like.

It made me long for another sweet using black sesame, called goma-suri dango, a bite-size really soft mochi (rice cake) filled with super soft black sesame paste, manufactured and sold in Tohoku area (north of Japan). Hopefully I can get some and blog about them soon...

This isn't for hunting either


Anonymous said...

Hi, Honolulu here *waves cross the Pacific*

The Goma paste looks kind of too refined to my taste. It would be better if they used more coarsely ground paste and heartier buns :) 

Posted by vegimouse

Anonymous said...

Chika, I can get my mum to send some goma-suri dango for you... 

Posted by keiko

Anonymous said...

ooh. is that the eggman? goo goo g'joob 

Posted by santos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika,

How interesting. I've had black sesame paste before, but this looks like it was just a bit too much for my taste. I can imagine how the cake was dry. Looks like those small cakes that come wrapped in foil. Normally, I have to reach for a glass of water before I've finished eating just one. 

Posted by Reid

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika,

I've had black sesame paste before, but this looks like it would have been a bit much. I can imagine how the cake part must have tasted. It reminds me of those foil wrapped cakes which are a bit dry. 

Posted by Reid

Reid said...

Hi Chika,

Sorry about the double comment. Been having loads of trouble with Blogger.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

vegimouse - o I miss hawaii :o
I love any and all kind of black-sesame sweets... well, almost.

keiko - omg, that'd be too good to be true, I'm not sure if I should be so lucky! :P I might try and go to one shop in Tokyo where they are supposed to have the dango... if not, well, then?

santos - yeah poor guy, fatally crushed to provide us with omelet :P

Reid - o it wasn't too much at all! ;)
the cake really was dry though, the sort like you have in your mind, that makes your mouth dry. They are pretty small cakes, which was a relief.
Sorry about the blogger commenting, I, too, have a lot of trouble in publishing/editing/commenting. boo. 

Posted by chika