November 30, 2005

november bits

Several more shots from Nagano that haven't been featured in my last posts; click here to see them as slideshow in a new window.

some of the highlights:

The new season was seen coming there.


Scott said...

Love that shot of the moon over the mountains. (Or was it the sun?!?)

Pinkity said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Please do post more up! 

Posted by Yi Hwa

silverj said...

hello, I was just visiting some blogs. I love the photos ^_^ 

Posted by jen

Sara, The Wine Makers Wife said...

Chika, on your japanese site, did you really meet Nigella Lawson?? You posted that while in L.A. on a lay over you went to a book shop and she was there for a book signing! How lucky is that?? Tell me more about the experience, please!

Posted by Sara

K and S said...

I came across your blog when I visited, Ono Kine Grindz. You take very beautiful pictures!!
If you get a chance, please visit my blog,

Posted by Kat

Blackwidow said...

How do you do the slide show with flikr?  

Posted by blackwidow

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chita:

I have just bought a digital camera, Panasonic FX9, and learn to take photos, however, I still can not take the photo like the one you have here, especially,the closeup effect. Is there any skill to make? 

Posted by Patric

kualibiru said...

Hi Chika,

Been visiting your blog for couple of mths. I really enjoy reading your entries. I am planning to visit Japan soon :) hopefully next year. I am wondering if you could share some tips on which town to visit what to look for when im in Japan. Appreciate your blog heaps. It lightens up my days, really =)  

Posted by eRnee

chika said...

Hi there, thank you all for the comments!

Scottttt - yeah it's the moon, but actually it came up from behind the mountain like in the sunrise - I missed that very moment, but everyone said it was breathtaking.

Sara - yes I did meet Nigella Lawson in LA last year when she was on her US tour for the promotin of her latest book. She was totally down-to-earth and friendly, and I was lucky enough to have a little chat with her as there weren't a huge crowd of people yet. I'll post about the apple pie I made from her book soon.

Patric - congratulations on your acquisition of a new camera! I wish I could give you a nice trick or two as to how to take pictures, but I'm no expert and I have actually never tried a Panasonic camera myself.... but I do wish you a good luck!

eRnee - good for you! Depending on how long you can stay here, but Kyoto is a must as long as it's not in the summer (the weatehr could gets unbelievably lousy there). Shame but I myself haven't been around much in the country, but I have always wanted to bring myself to Hokkaido sometime.  

Posted by chika