August 17, 2006

just a bit of relief

from the heat and humidity. P-lea-se.


Scott said...

Maybe a summer storm will come and answer your prayers. (If it hasn't already -- rainy as heck over here...)

Have a cool drink to cool your nerves... 

Posted by Scott

pyunnyhana said...

Wow, what kind of camera do you use? 

Posted by Audrey

sooishi said...

This is a oolong cha?
It looks ooishi! 

Posted by ooishigal

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

S - didn't get much rain back then, although been much cooler and nicer at the moment. such a relief!

Audrey - I use a Nikon dSLR, D70.

ooishigal - this actually was gooseberry & mint cordial with ginger ale. I was meaning to do a post about some gooseberry treats that I tried over the summer, but well, it's kind of way too late now... 

Posted by chika