November 20, 2006

last weekend

It must have been one of the last warm weekends of the year, and definitely one of the last for me to spend before flying away... time indeed flies, as they say. Especially when you're having a ball, blessed with great weather and food as well as wonderful company... all beyond your wildest dreams.

A few more days to go in California. As always, thank you all for putting up with my sporadic posting, which is likely to last for a little while longer.

November 12, 2006

la la la

Hello, and Goodbye LA (*post to be updated)

November 9, 2006

boulder, there I was... again

Thankfully, during my two-week stay in town, the weather stayed quite mild for that time of the year - it even went up to almost 70F one of my last days there in early November, warm enough to eat our lunch on the patio.

Although, we did have one snow storm in late October that left Boulder with some 6-inch snow, which quickly melt within a few days. That particular time, though, I was on the road out of Bouolder, experiencing some of the most impressive nature that the state has to offer - endless mountains at eye level and countless stars up in the sky. And a lot of snow, too.

After two years, Boulder and the people I know there both seemed as fabulous as how I remember they used to be. I had chances to take a small hikes, join family events, and eat in and out my way... all too good to be true now looking back. A few months ago, I didn't even know I'd make it back there so soon, if at all... so for me, it was a gift. Thanks everyone, I hope see you all again... sometime.

Having flown out of Colorado, and with travelog on my Vancouver stay still pending, I am now back on the West Coast - not of Canada this time. Down south, a sunny big city with a lot of "stars" - on the ground.