May 24, 2005

a short break

I have brought myself far away from home and now in the old world. I shall come back to Japan and normal blogging days in early June; I hope everyone is having a good time and see you in a while. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Iii na...

Take your time, Chika-sama. Have a safe, fulfilling, relaxing journey... 

Posted by Scott

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika,

Have a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures when you return to Japan! =) 

Posted by Reid

Anonymous said...

Are you in Paris? No matter where you are, have FUN! 

Posted by Anonymous

Estelle Tracy said...

Oups, this was me, Estelle!

Anonymous said...

hi, chika
Comeback with exciting story and beautiful pictures.
I hope that you have a nice time

from chocochoco..... 

Posted by chocopie

Anonymous said...

What good photographs! How exciting. 

Posted by emi

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika

Just wanted to wish you an enjoyable trip. Sorry for not commenting earlier but when I first saw the post last week, I was ill with envy and had to lie down. 

Posted by anthony

Anonymous said...

have fun.. your website is so yummy! 

Posted by adelaine

Anonymous said...

Dear Chika,

You have very nice photographs in your blog. Do you take photography lesson? What is the camera model that you are using?

Wish I could take pictures like yours... 

Posted by Elsie

Anonymous said...

hi chika,

i stumbled into your website. i really like the pictures you posted of desserts. i have a similar interest as far as baking. i've been looking for someone from japan with the same interests because i'm looking for a really good euro-japanese style patisserie recipe book that only someone from japan can look for me. if you could please email me, i would really appreciate it a lot.


mary anne 

Posted by Mary Anne

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika,

Sorry this isn't really related to this post, but I wanted to ask if you wrote about any good restaurants/eateries in Hawaii. I've been scanning your archives--very hungry now!--but I haven't been able to find anything. Perhaps it's because I keep getting distracted along the way by all your fantastic food experiments!

Did you perhaps write more about Hawaii in your Japanese blogs?  

Posted by Rachel

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Stumble upon ur blog and ur entries gave me hunger pang wee hour in the mrng !lol
Cheers! Keep the gOod food coming especially the dessert! 

Posted by jenny

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika,

I found your site by random blog readings tonight. You take wonderful Elsie who posted above, I am wondering what camera you are using and how do you take the blurred background and close up effect. Care to share? I am really new to blooging and especially to photography! 

Posted by Skrat

Anonymous said...


Not too sure if you will be reading this comment but did you take the photo in that angle on purpose? Eiffel tower eaten by the gargoyle? ^O^