April 1, 2006

turn of the seasons, almost backward

While news from Tokyo says the cherry blossoms are about to be in full bloom, the very first weekend of April here in Melbourne started with a chilly, drizzling Saturday morning. When we were out for a brunch at a market, what I saw were people in a light jacket and autumn crops of earthy colors...

The strong winds pushed away rain clouds in the afternoon, but the air was still pretty brisk.

It got quite chilly after dusk, which prompted us to put the first fire on the fireplace in this colder season, and -

- make the first cup of hot chocolate, might as well.

Wasn't that just a month and half ago that I'd warm up with some hot chocolate, I was mildly wondering....


santos. said...

more please! 

Posted by santos.

Salieri said...

what kind of chocolate? you know, dagoba makes a great drinking chocolate that tastes of their xocolatl chocolate bars.

Posted by yung-i

Anonymous said...

sorry chika, this is an old topic but i was wondering where to buy elderflower cordial in tokyo. i just gor here last week & have been looking all over! i'm a bartender from new york city & it's one of my must-haves! 

Posted by kiko

FooDcrazEE said...

nice warm fire.