August 6, 2009

a watermelon can go a long way...

Starting with a handsome, sweet watermelon, you can:

Cut and simply eat it;

... Then juice it and drink it chilled;

... Then sweeten it with a bit of honey and freeze it into granita;

... Then churn it into smooth sorbet; and

... Then add some cream and churn it again into ice cream.

... Or you can always go for some vodka or bubbly to (literally) wash down large pieces of watermelon. Watermelon, bring it on!


amna said...

such a cute post!

Rita said...

Very nice! I actually like to make a salad with mint and feta. Love summer time!!!

leah sherer said...

beautiful photos!

ina said...

ohh yummy that looks sooo delicious..

i habe a question, du u want to make a linkexchange??

greets from germany <3

Unknown said...

I'm now craving watermelon! What are your thoughts on Dove Chocolate Promises with Peanut Butter?

-Jenn, Dove Team

rachel said...

it all looks so delicious! I especially love the little heart cut from the rind.

Zanucki said...

As always an elegant post in an elegant blog.

chika said...

hello everyone, thanks for your comments!

Rita - i'm planning to make some salad, too. i can totally imagine it would be great with mint and feta!

rachel - i thought that was cute, too :)

Hilda said...

Love Love Love this post because I love love love watermelon. Lovely pictures!