October 24, 2009

chocolate moments of the week

I suggested that this is going to be a 'chocolate blog' this month, and I probably haven't been keeping up to it so far, apart from the long overdue Salon du Chocolat Tokyo post. But I certainly have filled my time with chocolate of various kinds at different parts of the world - mostly France and Italy for the past week. So here is a quick look back of the week that was, chocolatewise - more to follow in the coming weeks.

... chocolate bouquets;

... chocolate opera house;

sandwich with sauteed foie gras with fig-chocolate chutney;

... flavored 'just-add-hot-milk' hot chocolate spoons;

... cremini (chocolate/gianduia) tower;

... nutella carda (warmed nutella) with a cookie;

... chocolate-coated eggplant with chocolate-ricotta cream, "mille-feuille" style;

... and a small chocolate heart after a large dinner with one too many drinks.

Have a great weekend everyone! -c x


knitties said...

there's a whole lotta chocolate love here lately :-) and they all look so sumptious!

Carla said...

I love chocolate!
And your blog and your photos are beautiful! :-)

Carla di letto & mangiato

Torta al cioccolatao di Eric

Abby said...

i love the hot chocolate spoon!! awesome idea :) where were these photos taken?

S. said...

Ah! I love chocolate! Where in Italy did you go? Were you in Perugia at all? They make wonderful chocolate there :O)
Beautiful photos, as always!


Laxmi said...

Beautiful images, I particularly loved the spoons!

Shalum said...

my heart skipped a beat!! yum!

Rita said...

Hummm, you just made me crave chocolate now! Lovely pics as usual.

Lefrancbuveur said...

I discover your blog by Cavoletto's one: really good!

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for many years, it is still my favourite :)

Nick said...

Oh sure get around in this chocolate world of ours! Did you drop by Guido's? Anyway, if you will be in Belgium in December, I'll be working in Brussels at Laurent Gerbaud, so we might yet meet in Europe!

Heidi Leon Monges said...

omg! I want to lick every single picture you posted (oh, that sound so discusting..) but I'm a confessed chocoholic...

and the warm nutella!!! that must be heaven on earth.

Texas Health insurance said...

That chocolate opera house is spectacular! So were all the other photos. This blog is lovely. Cheers.

chika said...

thanks everyone for your comments and kind words, and my apologies for getting back so late!

Abby - in paris and perugia!

S. - i did!!! i was there for eurochocolate. it was fun but i loved the city itself. i thought it was really pretty.

Nick - yes i did make it to guido's and it was fantastic!!! hope all is good with you in belgium - do hope to visit you in europe!

heidi leon - nutella calda was, well, a bit over-the-top! ;) i think you can try and do it yourself by simply warming up some nutella. do let me know if you actually give it a shot...