December 1, 2006

bye bye bay area

Didin't see the Golden Gate Bridge, didn't go to Fisherman's Wharf, didn't take a cable car ride, didn't eat in Chinatown. But I did see a lot of pretty views, go to places I hadn't been to, take a nice walk around, and eat tons of lovely food... sometimes in solitude, but a lot of times with great company. In fact, they are the ones that made my days there as fabulous as they could possibly have been, and all I can say is Thank You. I feel myself utterly lucky to have been able to share time with you all.

Once again, time went past so quick - my short stay in San Francisco with full of experiences was over in a flash, and so was my two months in Canada and the States. Before I knew it, time ran away from me... but my memories still stay with me, and I know they always will.

Bye bye Bay Area, Adios the US, Sayonara North America. I hope to come back and see you sometime.


Anonymous said...

Wow---those are some truly great shots, Chika! Come back and see us again soon! 

Posted by Eric Gower

Anonymous said...

If you didn't see Fisherman's Wharf, you missed nothing except crap tourist food and crap overpriced souvenirs. I'm glad it's there so the mindless drones have somewhere to visit, but there is no compelling reason to visit the place.

Your pictures are great. 

Posted by Tana

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika,

I've been following your blog for a while now and thought I'd finally write a comment. Since I'm currently between jobs, I have plenty of time for reading and cooking. Your beautiful pictures and the way you describe flavors and textures are truly a wonderful inspiration! Preparing dinner has become much more meaningful and sensual since I came across your blog. Definitely my favorite food blog!

Take care, Ines 

Posted by Ines

Unknown said...

Lovely photos of S.F.! You make the USA look beautiful! 

Posted by Lannae

Anonymous said...

Incredible photos.... wow! Very impressive!
Glad you had such a nice visit. It certainly looks like you saw a lot of beautiful things. 

Posted by Kristen

Anonymous said...

Great photos Chika!

Hey, come to Kuala Lumpur, I'll bring you around and snap some nice photographs. 

Posted by Frank

WineChef said...

So I've been on your website all day, utterly mesmerized, and I am cooking in Maui for a month but regularly live in the Bay Area so if you are ever in town again you should contact me so that I can give you a thorough tour! Did you check out the Ferry Building?