December 19, 2006

a week to go

Christmas is here

... there, and everywhere. Last weekend I was a few hundred miles southeast of Paris, rather overwhelmed by the massive waves of tourists, nevertheless all impressed with shops and streets decorated up for Christmas, with the distinct mixture of French and German cultures. It might not exactly have been cold enough for mulled wine, but definitely festive enough to tell me of the arrival of upcoming holidays.

Now my schedule for the coming days is hectic but I am quietly happy to find myself back here - not Tokyo, but another big city where I have yet another bunch of people that matter so much to me. Still on my travels, but I feel at home.


Zarah Maria said...

Oh Chika, those are gorgeous photos! Putting me right in the Christmas mood - thank you for posting them! 

Posted by ZarahMaria

Dianka said...

What gorgeous pictures! Happy holidays to you!

Anonymous said...

beautiful "photos" story here...merry holidays! 

Posted by cicilia

Jeanne said...

Oh what glorious photos! Is this in Alsace by any chance? I was there a few years ago in early December and fell 100% in love.  

Posted by Jeanne

Véro said...

Gorgeous pictures as always... I think it's cold enough eventually to have mulled wine!! (-6° in the morning in the South West, I guess it's even colder in Paris!!). Joyeux Noel!!

Anonymous said...

What fantastic photos! I'm heading there in a week on vacation and I'm so excited :)

Posted by Anonymous

cin said...

oh, I loved Strasbourg! This reminds me of last Christmas - my husband and I wandering through the streets marvelling at their Christmas decorations and enjoying the hot drinks! Sigh, thanks for the memories. 

Posted by cin

Anna Haight said...

What lovely photos. I lived in Paris briefly, and this brings back memories! Arigato. 

Posted by Goregeous photos!

lory said...

joyeux Noël!! 

Posted by lory

JFA said...

Wow, the photographs were amazing. What camera do you use?

Anonymous said...

wonderful captures!
Happy New Year 2007 from New York.

Posted by Bee

tigerfish said...

Was it in Paris ? I thought the cathedral look like what I saw in Germany, Cologne.
Very nice pix.  

Posted by tigerfish

Kelvin said...

Hello & Happy New Year from down under in New Zealand. Great photos. I hope you had a good chrsitmas & I wish you all the very best for the New Year. 

Posted by Kelvin Yor4ke