December 31, 2006

2006 in the sky

year 2006

January, Tokyo

January, over the Big Island of Hawaii

January, over the Big Island of Hawaii (Mauna Kea / Mauna Loa)

February, towards Melbourne, Australia

April, towards Tasmania, Australia

April, over Auckland, New Zealand

April, up above the middle of nowhere, Australia

May, Tokyo

June, Tokyo

July, Narita

July, Northern England

July, London

July, Tokyo

August, Tokyo

September, Paris

October, Vancouver, Canada

October, Victoria, Canada

October, over Arizona/New Mexico

October, over Arizona/Colorado (Rocky Mountains)

October, over Arizona/Colorado

October, Colorado

November, Los Angeles

November, over Northern California

November, over San Francisco (Bay Bridge)

November, over Colorado (Rocky Mountains)

December, Paris... again.

2006 for me was a year of jetsetting. I spent many hours in the air, flying here and there. When on the ground at home, I'd still be thinking about a next trip. In fact, one of my new year's resolutions for 2006 was to travel a lot, and I meant it. I knew I'd make it.

And I did. And yet, it is by no means something I realized all by myself. It isn't something I should be proud of, either. In my doing all my travels, I appreciate more than anything the people I've met on the road, those who helped me in every imaginable way, and made my days out as fun and precious as they all have been. I know some of you might be reading this, and others don't, not knowing this blog exist at all. Either way here I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for your being a wonderful friend, generous host, knowledgeable guide, reliable mentor, and plain you. Without you, my 2006 would not have been the same. Thank you so, very much.

I've got an extra nine hours for 2006 - spending the New Year's Eve in London. It's been another gray and dull day, getting dark already at four in the afternoon. This makes me realize how truly lucky I am to be cozy and toasty in a nice and warm house. I do not know what 2007 holds for me, but I know I am alive and well, and ready to find out what comes around for tomorrow - after all, a year flies in a flash, so I've got to treasure every single day of it.

Here's to my great, great friends, families, relatives, and all that drop by here; may 2007 bless you with as much happiness, health, success, and love as you could possibly imagine, and people who you share with it all. Thank You and a Happy New Year!

December 19, 2006

a week to go

Christmas is here

... there, and everywhere. Last weekend I was a few hundred miles southeast of Paris, rather overwhelmed by the massive waves of tourists, nevertheless all impressed with shops and streets decorated up for Christmas, with the distinct mixture of French and German cultures. It might not exactly have been cold enough for mulled wine, but definitely festive enough to tell me of the arrival of upcoming holidays.

Now my schedule for the coming days is hectic but I am quietly happy to find myself back here - not Tokyo, but another big city where I have yet another bunch of people that matter so much to me. Still on my travels, but I feel at home.

December 6, 2006

and so

It's already second week into the last and busiest month of the year...

... with the daytime being shortest in the year; almost eight o'clock and it's still dark outside...

... which makes you even more appreciate the pale blue sky with pink clouds that emblazes the beggining of a day.

For my first few days here, it was all gray and dull, which felt even more so especially after those California blue skies, but we've had some brighter moments in the last couple of days or so. And so, I went out to get some fresh air and catch the blue skies - while they're still there...

... because the blue sky would be short lived... so is the daytime; time to go home.

I've managed to catch up with some friends here, over dinner and/or drinks...

... yeah you're busy, I'm busy, everyone's busy... who isn't?

... and I'd cap off the day with a glass of mulled wine, the taste of winter... a reminder that Christmas is indeed around the corner; before I know it, it will be 2007. And yet, life goes on.

... And so does my voyage.