January 28, 2009

breakfast at tsukiji, reunited

A bowl of ramen in one of its simplest forms; vermicelli-like extra-thin noodles in soy sauce-based broth, topped with a couple of slices of cured pork and a mound of thinly sliced spring onions. I always have mine with generous shakes of ground black pepper, but it's up to you.

A word or two about ramen; you can eat your ramen in any way you like, but if I were to give you just one advice, it would be this: whatever you do, gobble down your noodles as fast as possible. Or they will soak up the liquid endlessly and expand like crazy, getting too soft to be palatable - and sooner than later you'll find yourself comfronted with a mushy mess of tasteless, soggy noodles that refuse to disappear no matter how hard you try to finish them.

So, if you are at a ramen bar with company, don't eat and chat at the same time; eat first, then chat, unless you want to ruin your meal. Or, unless you are skilled at juggling eating and chatting (without being rude), like I am!

Anyways. Welcome back to Japan, J!

>> Look back last year's Mission Breakfast at Tsukiji here.


teresa said...

Ooh! I was in Tokyo late last year and we totally missed out on a trip to Tsukiji... well I've since heard that they don't like tourists there anyway but I was quite keen on trying out some fresh sashimi. This looks tasty :)

chika said...

hi teresa - too bad you guys missed it when you were last here. it's not that they don't like tourists in general, it's some of those who were bad-behaved that troubled them. As long as you are looking out carefully and try not to get in the way of folks busy at work inside the innner market, you'll be ok. besides, the 'outer market (jogai)' area has always been open to locals and tourists and the likes, and it's worth just hanging around there, without ever even going into the 'inner market (jonai)', where the auction takes place. next time!

Shalum said...


Desmone007 said...

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freezingthemo said...

I love Tsukiji! Went there in october last year and I must say, the market is huge! I have posted some photos of the market here
Love Tokyo!

Cuisine&Culture said...

Hello !

Thank you for your beautiful eating and cooking experiences.

I have heard about your blog through Clea Cuisine.
I am starting a project about breakfasts around the world, and would like if you accept to publish you pictures in it :
to illustrate types of breakfast in Tsukiji market (you will see that there is already one!).
That would be great.
Thank you

chika said...

Julie - thanks for considering including my pictures as part of your project. i'd be honored to have them appear on your site so long as they are credited. let me know if/when you've done a post so i can come and check it out. thanks!